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  • Antonette Aquino

Where to Work as a Virtual Assistant: Businesses That Need Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Outsourcing: Businesses That Need Virtual Assistant Services

Almost everything can be done online, thanks to the rise of work-from-home options. Working from home has been a practice that many employees enjoy, most notably when their duties allow them to work in the comfort of their own homes or anywhere. No wonder virtual assistants are big shots to almost every business worldwide.

Virtual assistants are the key to a more convenient delegation of tasks that can fall but are not limited to administrative duties such as calendar organization, answering business inquiries, bookkeeping, data entry, and even social media management. Please note that these services can be provided remotely as their job title suggests.

As more and more businesses are undergoing expansion, there is also an increasing trend for industries that outsource virtual assistants as part of their global workforce. Here are five industries where you can land a virtual assistant job.

Real Estate

The main goal of any realtor is finally closing a deal, but this doesn’t come off as easy. Like any other job, you must do many side tasks before securing any agreement, which can sometimes be too overwhelming to handle by the realtor alone. Virtual assistants for the real estate industry can help in lead generation, managing appointment schedules, creating advertising materials, and responding to client inquiries. If a realtor collaborates with a virtual assistant, they can have a more convenient grasp on meeting with clients without being anxious about the other tasks. Realtors will be more attentive to creating strategies to close property deals because they have dependable virtual assistants.

Medical Firms

With the rise of the pandemic, online consultation or remote medical appointments became a process that medical firms need to adapt to. Virtual assistants can act as online receptionists, which is more practical during a global health crisis. Doctors and nurses already have a lot of responsibilities to juggle. With virtual assistants, they don’t need to worry about setting patient appointments, organizing files, responding to online inquiries, and even making follow-up calls to patients needing extra assistance.

Legal Firms

Every law firm is known to manage various tasks ranging from research to actual paperwork, which is time-consuming. To be more focused on handling a case, they can hire virtual assistants who communicate with clients, provide updates on appointments, perform fast transcription of video materials, and provide marketing services. In this manner, lawyers can have more time with the actual case than the side tasks: less burden and more attention.

Accounting and Finance

Even in the accounting and finance world, virtual assistants can have their place. Accounting firms can provide services like organizing records, data entry, and schedule management for a reasonable price. By working with VAs, they can welcome more clients and still manage to get things done without overwhelming their accountants or auditors. Less stress for everyone leads to productivity and flawless work.


If there is one industry that highly benefits from work from home setup, it would be the marketing niche. Online or digital advertising was a big shot before the pandemic and became more in demand when people started investing in online shopping. Marketing firms are beginning to grow by offering new services like social media management, graphic design, copywriting, and content creation which can all be done by a virtual assistant.

Now that most people enjoy the WFH options, you might want to explore these industries. They might be looking for you! As a virtual assistant, you can start by learning essential VA skills to the complicated ones to help you secure more job offers in the future. In case no one told you, these businesses need virtual assistants more than ever.


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