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  • Antonette Aquino

What Do Virtual Assistants Do: Top Skills to Master

Virtual Assistant Duties

The market for aspiring virtual assistants is growing rapidly. Businesses and companies recognize the need for this type of potential. Virtual assistants are reliable team players that help boost a business's overall efficiency. Virtual assistant jobs are more valuable than ever in various industries. Without a doubt, many businesses intend to hire virtual assistants.

Hence, it is critical to understand the tasks assigned to a virtual assistant before applying for this position. This will allow you to look at your current situation and identify areas for improvement. A virtual assistant, who can work from home full- or part-time, provides administrative support for you and your company. They can perform tasks frequently delegated to executive assistants, such as making phone calls, managing calendars, planning travel, and monitoring emails.

3 Skills To Master As a Virtual Assistant

More and more work-from-home jobs are becoming available, hence the growth of aspiring virtual assistants. As small and big industries acknowledge the growth that virtual assistants can bring to their businesses, it is high time to list down the most preferred skills employers look for when hiring their VAs. So whether you’re a startup or professional virtual assistant, upscaling your skills is a ritual you should never take for granted.

Communication Skills

As an aspiring virtual assistant, you must recognize the weight of possessing excellent communication skills. This includes knowing how to communicate verbally and in a written format. As a virtual assistant, you should be able to speak with your executives. Thus, you are expected to converse by having clear salient points and confidently speaking with key individuals or teams.

Your boss's decision depends on the information you provide to them. So you must maintain convenient and free-flowing communication with the people that the business needs. Most notably, communications between the boss and a virtual assistant take place through web conferencing applications like Zoom or Skype.

I think it's already an advantage during the job interview, but it's excellent for you to use during your employment.

Computer Skills

Knowing how to navigate your gadget is not enough. As a virtual assistant, you need to learn the vital programs and applications required for the job. All the tasks of a virtual assistant are done through programs made possible through a desktop or laptop. An excellent understanding of software like Microsoft 365, Google Suite, and app extensions is critical skill employers look for, as most processes now depend on digital requirements.

If the client asks for additional assistance in managing a website or database system, advanced internet skills come in handy. Having a good grip on shortcuts, software, applications, and technological systems is also a plus point for your resume so update them as much as possible. With more tech skills, more chance of landing a digital job!

Management Skills

Being a virtual assistant comes with various tasks, from administrative to social media marketing, accounting to clerical support, and much more; knowing how to manage projects the right way is crucial in maintaining a project in excellent status. As a virtual assistant, you’re not just expected to manage your time wisely but also to accommodate different projects at once.

In social media, you can schedule posts, interact with comments, and reply to direct messages as soon as possible. This also includes tailoring your content with your analytics and ensuring that your materials reach the right audience.

Managing emails can be overwhelming for administrative tasks, significantly if your boss's business is growing daily. Business owners are met with an overwhelming number of daily emails, hence the need for someone to do the virtual assistant job. Managing this section includes screening the inbox, tagging them on the correct categories, responding to specific inquiries, or sending appointments.

These are the top skills you should master as a virtual assistant. I want you to know that learning the following will make you a good fit for virtual assistant jobs. To be effective at any remote work, you should take time to learn these skills in general because it’s always an excellent point to have something as an advantage.

Many virtual assistant companies train their assistants to ensure that their VAs can communicate effectively, are computer literate, and manage tasks properly.


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