Frequently asked questions

What is the Campaign?

Direct TV

Campaign Type?

Inbound Voice

How many agents is needed to be able to operate or handle the campaign per center or location?

Minimum 20 agents (Experienced)

How much is the hourly rate?

$5 per hour per agent + $100 per install

What is the TARGET per agent, per week for the valid transfers?

5 per week (1 or at least 1 valid transfer per day)

If not TARGET is not met in a weekly basis, per agent, will they still get paid?

Yes, they will but no hourly pay. It will be paid per valid transfer basis. Pay will be $100 per install. So 1 install is $100, 2 installs $200, 3 install $300, 4 installs $400 per agent per week basis. 5 installs $500 per agent with an hourly pay because of meeting the 5 installs per week, per agent. Will the Software/Tools be provided: Yes
Business Charge: Yes (One time) – See proposal above

When will be the payout for this Campaign?

Payout will be: This week’s work hours will be paid Friday of the following week. This is to allow Accounting/Payroll to compute hourly pay and installs included. To give ample time to avoid salary disputes for the agents. After the first week, Payout will be weekly. Cycle will always be, payout for a week’s worked hours will always be the following Friday which still allows the agents receive their salary in a weekly basis.
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