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  • How can a Virtual Assistant assist me?
    5CVAS offers a wide range of services that could benefit your developing business. We have a team of skilled and knowledgeable Virtual Assistants that can help you with different tasks. We can help you with writing, administration, graphics, accounting, and many more. Each Virtual Assistant was trained to be flexible and can handle the work. At the same time, you use the time to strengthen business-related operations and other priorities, such as your family and yourself.
  • How does a Virtual Assistant help in saving financial costs?
    Having a Virtual Assistant is more convenient than having a personal assistant. First, they provide their own working space and equipment, which can help you save money for your other expenses. They can work overtime and anytime following your time zone. They charge reasonable and affordable prices and are paid only for the actual work without additional employment taxes and insurance. You do not need to spend more money on training and testing, for we will provide a VA that suits the job.
  • Why should I choose 5CVAS? What is your advantage from other Virtual Assistant services?
    We meticulously screen our Virtual Assistant candidates to ensure we hire the one capable and illegible for our services. We work professionally. If your VA has an emergency and cannot perform the tasks, we will provide an equally skilled VA to take over the functions in the meantime. Hence, the operation will not be disrupted. If you also give us a job that we feel can be done by another virtual assistant more efficiently, we delegate it.
  • How do you choose VAs that will work for your company?
    We aim for excellence and client satisfaction, so we follow strict qualifications to hire the right people for the job. We look for passionate and dedicated candidates who can work independently and diligently. They will be screened based on their communication skills, attitude, and learning ability. After passing the initial interview, they will be given a written exam to test their written communication and technical skills. The management then chooses the passing applicants, starts their background and reference checks as needed, and makes job offers.
  • Do you train VAs?
    Yes, we do. Our virtual assistants have different backgrounds and experiences. We try to train them and help them in areas we think need improvement. We also help them grow by making sure they hone their other skills.
  • Do all your VAs speak English well?
    Yes, Our VAs are eloquent communicators in the English language. Though, their accent may be a bit different from the native speakers. All of them are very pleasant over the phone.
  • Do you have non-English speaking VAS?
    As of now, we only have English speaking VAs.
  • Where are your VAs located?
    Our office is located in Cavite, Philippines, where most of our VAs, technical support, IT personnel, creative and digital team, and marketing team are based.
  • I’m interested in getting a VA, but I don’t really know where to start. Can you help me?
    You can reach us by sending us an email through
  • How and when can I start working with my VA?
    Upon signing up for our services, we will need information on how we can help you. We will be choosing a qualified Virtual Assistant for the job and will let you two get in touch for the training and explanation of the task needed to be accomplished.
  • How do I get in touch with my VA?
    We adjust to any form of communication medium our clients prefer. It can be on Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Hangouts, or even Facebook messaging.
  • Can I change my VA if I’m not happy with him or with her?
    You could state why you would like to change your VA for conflict resolution and the reference of improvement. After that, we will assign you to another VA that can meet your needs.
  • Will I have to deal with several people if I need different sets of skills?
    Upon signing the contract, one of our managers will discuss the services you need and carefully choose the suitable VA who would work for you. In that way, we can be sure this VA can perform all the tasks assigned to her skillfully.
  • What if my VA goes on leave or becomes unavailable?
    In any circumstances that your VA needs some time off, we make sure you will have a backup VA assigned beforehand. This VA will be well-oriented to serve you right.
  • Do you allow roll-out of hours?
    We do not practice roll-out of hours simply because we block off the VA’s time, especially once you sign in. We manage our VA’s schedule to make sure they would have adequate time to do the task you assigned.
  • What are your payment options?
    We usually accept bank or wire transfers to our bank account. If there is another option you prefer, feel free to discuss it with us.
  • Do you have a guarantee?
    We proudly provide a “satisfaction guaranteed” seal on our services. We work diligently and wholeheartedly to deliver the best result and meet your satisfaction.
  • How do you keep information secure?
    Our company holds the virtue of trust and integrity. We aim to let our clients feel comfortable while working with us by gaining their trust. And so we respect the privacy of our clients and keep their business information confidential. These are the outlines we do to make sure information is safe and secured with us. 1. Our company IT personnel regularly check all our computers and ensure they are free from viruses. 2. We ensure all our computers are backed up so no data is lost in case our computers crash. 3. We take care of our network security. It is well-maintained and consistently monitored by our IT personnel to ensure it is running well, clean, and free from attacks and hackers. 4. Included with our service agreement is a strict confidentiality clause. It is also well reiterated during training that any information on our clients should not be discussed outside of work and with anyone who has nothing to do with the tasks given by the clients.
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