5C Virtual Assistance Services is a virtual company that we officially launched last January of 2018. Given that we have so many regular clients and new clients coming in, we just figured launching a virtual company was the next big step. We have a very great track record and we have a very remarkable and hardworking team that helps us with every task. We have been slowly growing month after month and we would love to be able to hire more equipped and efficient VA's as our company grows.

Imagine not having to worry about tedious task and having worry-free days knowing even if you are away or doing something else, your business is being handled with utmost care.



Our services includes:

Administrative Services

Social Media Services

Lead Generation Services

Appointment Setting Services

Customer Service Support Services

Sales Support  Services


Honesty, care and commitment. These are the qualities that makes us different and we promise you these are the qualities that would surely make your business grow. Contact us now to experience real support and growth!

What We Believe

1) We believe that Client Service is not just a one-way interaction between a business owner and their Virtual Assistant. We believe it goes much deeper than that. At the core of our Service Philosophy is helping people.


2) We don’t claim to be perfect. There have been times when we haven’t quite hit the bullseye, but we admit mistakes, take responsibility and immediately look for a way to correct and improve. This philosophy has contributed to our client retention and loyalty. We have an extensive portfolio of clients, but we strive to make you feel like the only one – at the center of our universe. We thrive on delivering excellent service to our clients, every single time, every single day and with every single task.


3) We are conscientious, detail-oriented and can follow tasks through completion to the vision.


4) We believe in the blend of experience and education, meaning each team member is required to have advanced higher education and demonstrate their ability to achieve results for clients


5) We believe that we’re really in the time business -- our focus is about helping clients tackle their to-do list all in pursuit of work that leaves our clients with more time to spend with their families or do what they love.


Allow our team to help you


Jhon Ray Baco


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Melissa A. Torreliza

Rv Unessa Navia

      Head of Operations/Business              Development Manager


Social Media Manager