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Jhon Ray Baco


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Melissa A. Torreliza

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RV Unessa Navia



Justine Canales

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Head of Operations

Business Development Manager

social media marketing manager

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a trip down memory lane

"My passion for work is being mirrored in the core of our company. We deliver high-standard quality for all the services we offer and we make sure to provide our full effort and attention."

- jhon ray baco



Every great fortress began as a simple stone. Every small move forward increases the chances of bigger success. Hence, with this mindset in every action that he takes, Jhon, together with RV, founded 5C Virtual Assistant Services (5CVAS) back in 2018. Unlike many other company names, 5CVAS' was rooted from a very unique origin-- it was from Jhon and RV's love for the five pet dogs they own at the time, with each name starting with the letter “C”. Who wouldn't find that cute? Unless you have pet allergies, this etymology will certainly make you smile.





Jhon and RV have been managing Virtual Assistants for over 8 years while Melissa entered the picture as soon as 5CVAS was born. Starting with four hard working VAs in its early years, 5CVAS' growth was unstoppable and it now has welcomed more than 30 VAs in the team. Over the time, their services have also expanded with innovative strategies to deliver the assistance that their clients need.








Melissa has since applied this mantra as the Operations Manager, ensuring that 5CVAS is extremely easy to work with. 5CVAS also believes in the power of chemistry at work and so they always strive to make their clients and VAs comfortable. Moreover, effective communication is always initiated by 5CVAS to meet the needs of both parties. With these qualities in running the business, together with Jhon and RV's dogs which are now 23 from five, 5CVAS envisions themselves with over 100 VAs or more in their belt within the next five years. 5CVAS takes things slow and is set in stone that they will continue to provide excellent service for a long time.

"Satisfaction of our clients is very important to us. We welcome innovation and we plan to extend our services to cover all your administrative needs."

- rv unessa navia


"Failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough."

- melissa torreliza

head of operations

business development manager




We believe that Client Service is not just a one-way interaction between a business owner and their Virtual Assistant. We believe it goes much deeper than that. At the core of our Service Philosophy is helping people.


We don’t claim to be perfect. There have been times when we haven’t hit the bull's eye, but we take responsibility and immediately look for a way to correct and improve. This philosophy has contributed to our client retention and loyalty. We have an extensive portfolio of clients, but we strive to make you feel like the only one – at the center of our universe.


We are conscientious, detail-oriented and can follow tasks through completion with vision. our focus is about helping clients tackle their to-do list all in pursuit of work that leaves our clients with more time to spend with their families or do what they love.


We believe in the blend of experience and education, meaning each team member is required to have advanced higher education and demonstrate their ability to achieve results for clients.