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We can arrange your schedule, help you with meetings, book your travels, organize your files, update you on your company's progress, make and receive phone calls for you- all this and more. Just tell us what you need, and we will support you and deliver with excellence.

The Sky Is the Limit

We acknowledge that admin tasks range from different work areas and can cover multiple assignments. Here at 5CVAS, our Virtual Assistants are flexible and adaptable regarding the type of work that needs to be done. We are multi-tasking warriors, and we make sure that every minute of the hours you are paying is productive. From daily email check-ups to follow-ups and engaging with your customers, we are unstoppable!

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Your Needs, Our Priority 

Business works are constantly changing. The tasks accomplished today may not be the same to fulfill tomorrow, and we are prepared for that. Our Virtual Assistants are armored with grit and excitement in handling new assignments to bring satisfactory results. 


If you delegate authority, you will build leaders.

- Craig Groeschel (Senior pastor)

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