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Virtual Assistant Perks: Benefits of Working as a Virtual Assistant

As businesses push for expansion, the number of virtual assistants is also increasing. Virtual assistants are essential to businesses’ milestones because they make most things convenient, organized, and readily available. Most virtual assistants are also upscaling their skills to help other business owners in areas that need improvement.

Being a virtual assistant is a challenging job. You need to master a lot of skills to prove your worth. But here’s the thing, the VA industry is the type of work where you can reap what you sow. Every hard work pays off, especially when collaborating with the right clients or, most importantly, if you enter a VA agency.

Significant Benefits of Being a Virtual Assistant

Permanent Work From Home

Before the pandemic, a lot of people were working remotely. When the lockdown was enacted, employees rushed to land remote work opportunities. Fortunately, being a virtual assistant is one of the professions that offer this option. It allows you to enjoy working without ever leaving your home; no wonder many employees prefer this option. With the WFH setup, you’ll be able to achieve the following:

  • Spend less than traditional work setup - Working as a virtual assistant will not require you to work onsite, hence the word “virtual.” All of your services are offered digitally through a specified platform. This will let you save expenses from transportation, expensive meals, and other costs you might encounter during a traditional work setup.

  • Enjoy personal freedom - Being a VA allows you to work on convenient schedules while taking occasional breaks. You’re also allowed to wear anything unless you have to attend a formal meeting that will require you to dress accordingly. Aside from that, you can choose where you want to work as long as you can deliver the job.

  • Earn without compromising health - We all know that this pandemic is anything but over. In choosing your work, you also need to consider your overall health. Working as a VA lessens any virus or disease risks because you can always work remotely.

Competitive Salary

As a virtual assistant, you are entitled to a competitive salary as long as you know your worth. There are two options to earn. The first is freelancing, where you can set your rates and charge your clients based on your personal preference. If you want better job security, you can go with the second option, applying to VA agencies. It will help you earn a desirable hourly rate and meet and collaborate with other VAs, and if offered by the company, you can also be provided with other work benefits like paid leaves, health insurance, and so much more!

Personal Growth

When you enter the VA industry, you must be ready to upscale your skills from time to time. The number of virtual assistants is growing rapidly, so you need to improve your skills and eventually offer a better service to clients. Upscaling is not something to be scared of because it promotes personal growth. There are three essential skills of a virtual assistant that you can start with if you want to achieve personal growth.

  • Communication Skills

  • Computer Skills

  • Management Skills

Personal Time

It’s never too late to make things work. Working as a virtual assistant will allow you to enjoy more personal time because you choose your schedule (freelancer) or only work on hours specified by the agency (remote worker). You can practice other hobbies after work or even travel while working. You need to balance everything and maintain excellence.

Being a VA enables you to spend more time with your family and friends, achieve more sleep, and so much more. It does not limit you to every day, 9 to 5 work with a more exhausting procedure like commuting to the office, then going home. If no one told you, you could earn as much without compromising your personal life.


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