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We provide caring, honest and committed virtual assistants for $7.00 per hour 


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Why Use a Virtual Assistant?

Open Communication. You can communicate with your Virtual Assistant in any way that you wish - phone, e-mail, text, video chat, PM system or smoke signals.

Complete Flexibility. There's never a minimum amount of hours, your hours never expire and you don't have to worry about rollover. You only pay for what you use.


One Stop Shop. We offer much more than just administrative assistance. In fact, we offer 100's of services.

Dedicated Virtual Assistants. You have at-your-fingertips access to the luxury of a Virtual Assistant-- the same VA, all the time.

Affordability. Competitive rates with savings plans, all-inclusive pricing & to-the-minute time reporting-- so nothing is ever wasted. 

Appointment Setting Services

 We know how important your time is and how you are striving to be available for all potential clients. 

Administrative Services

We can make your day-to-day task easy for you. Our goal is to make your life better after all.

Lead Generation

We can help you find potential clients that can help your business grow.

Accounting Services

We can help you organize, prepare and analyze your finances

Social Media Services

Spread the word and grow your business!

Customer Service Support

Get closer than ever to your customers.