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Which is Better? A Great Leader or Manageable Boss

Every team or organization has bosses whom they follow for work. But, does employee need a boss whom they greatly fear or a leader whom they respect? Or have you ever wonder what characteristics differentiate a leader and a boss?

Well, most of the time the two words were interchangeably used, but the traits of a leader are what makes them fully different from each other.

When you hear the word "boss" you might certainly think of someone who manages an employee, gives full authority and a person who’s in power that thinks of himself as the greatest of them all. Bosses want you or need you to give a full performance which will lift them up for success. Most of the time their decisions are based on the competition with other teams or

organizations. Though bosses may also have some leadership traits in them, someone who approaches their leadership in the role of a boss tends to not be seen as part of the team. Bosses will always be in a hierarchical position that puts them above everyone else. This clear division of ranks causes the rift within an organization or a team. On the other hand, when we hear the word leader, from the word lead, it talks about guiding or showing you the right path that you two will walk through together. The feeling of belongingness despite work positions and titles is what a leader’s goal. Unlike in bosses who tell you what to do, a great leader teaches you why and how to do a particular work. A leader encourages you to perform a task with a heart, passion, and purpose. Bosses can't make great leadership but a great leader can make a great boss. It is just a matter of how great and influential are you to your people that may lead to continuous growth, success and happiness to every individual. So, what are you? A great leader or a boss?

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