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How to Become a Virtual Assistant (Landing Your First Job Offer)

More companies are investing in virtual assistants because of their significant benefits that improve their business performance. So whether you're experienced or a startup in the virtual assistant career, it is essential to be reminded of the steps you can take to optimize your VA career and get the most out of it.

When was the last time you tweaked your resume? How about the latest course you took to improve your skill set? Virtual assistant opportunities don’t instantly knock at your doors when you don’t know how to track the treasures of job hiring.

What Is a Virtual Assistant?

In pursuing this job, knowing the types of tasks delegated to a virtual assistant is essential. This will allow you to gauge your current status and points of improvement. A virtual assistant, who may be employed full- or part-time from a distance, provides administrative support for you and your company. They can often delegate duties to executive assistants, such as making phone calls, managing calendars, planning travel, or monitoring emails. More than ever, virtual assistant jobs are deemed valuable to various industries. No doubt, a lot of businesses plan to hire a virtual assistants.

Tips to Land Virtual Assistant Jobs

Update Your Resume

If you already possess a virtual assistant or related work experience in the past years, note that when refreshing your resume. This will allow hiring managers to see your existing skills and experience that they can match in their hiring. If you don’t have the essential experience yet, it’s not the end of the world. Some successful VAs started with zero, and a well-crafted resume is what helped employers trust them. Here are three tips to craft the perfect resume for your VA job!

- Personalize your resume and cover letter. You need to target the job qualifications required by the client or virtual assistant agency.

- Highlight your skills by showcasing your skills relevant to the job description. Employers are more likely to hire remote assistants with tailored experience in their company.

- Be honest with your application. As much as you want to be hired as a VA, lying or tampering with your documents is not advisable because it will also reflect your personality.

Upscale Your Virtual Assistant Skills

It would help if you always were learning and updating your skills. This will help you stay relevant in the field and keep clients interested in hiring you. Taking classes and workshops targeted at what you want to do for clients or employers is also essential. Learning new skills is a great way to find new work opportunities.

Virtual assistant services differ depending on what the client needs. Here are the top skills that employers look for when hiring virtual assistants for their business:

  • Proficient with online tools

  • Time management and organization

  • Excellent written and verbal skills

  • Experienced in using technology

Expand Your Network

For sure, there are a lot of VA jobs near you. And when we say near, we mean that it could be one click away. VA jobs are mostly posted online, especially on freelancing job websites, job ads, and social media. It is advisable to join groups or group chats made for aspiring VAs. This way, you will be updated with companies or agencies with open positions for virtual assistants.

So open your gadgets and search for the details mentioned above. As VA jobs become more in demand, especially for international clients, you will find a group that can help you optimize your career. You might meet someone who can share their experience as a virtual assistant.

Apply to VA Agencies

Are you ready to maximize your career? If you're looking for a way to optimize your career, a virtual assistant agency can help. With the right team behind you, you can ensure that your work is done well and effectively.

Sending an application to virtual assistant agencies will improve your chances of landing that VA job and provide you with the best work experience and benefits. A lot of VA agencies exist, so be sure to apply to the company that suits your needs, proficiency, and career growth that you are seeking. Here are the three big reasons why you should commit to a VA agency:

Excellent Support System - VA agencies will source the right clients for you. They will consult you on what type of tasks you can handle as a virtual assistant, then proceed to communicate if this fits the client’s business.

Up-to-Date Training - Most VA agencies provide training to their existing VAs because this helps them to be equipped with the skills desired by clients, such as proficiency in navigating specific websites, handling emails, and even time management.

Performance Assessments - The agency ensures that the performance of its VAs fits the desired result of the client. In this way, the agency also tracks each virtual assistant's improvement points.

There are a lot of virtual assistant websites that you can choose from and apply. VA agencies make work-from-home jobs easy to hire virtual assistants and optimize their careers with the right client!

Maximize the trend with virtual jobs and earn a good salary with the right agency. Here at 5C Virtual Assistant Services, we ensure that our virtual assistants enjoy their remote jobs while being competent with their VA services.


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