"Working in 5CVAS allows me to be with my child's routine throughout the day. I may not have unlimited time with my daughter, but I have more frequent opportunities to be with her especially with her medical treatment. I don't need to choose between my job or my daughter and compromise one or the other. It has been truly a blessing to be part of 5CVAS."

Carmela Arillo, Virtual Receptionist

"5CVAs helped me start my dream VA career. They helped me find the perfect client who was kind enough to train me. When the pandemic hit, my VA job kept me secure financially. I appreciate all the advice, guidance, and support that Melissa and Jhon have given. They made me the best VA I could be, and I'm still getting better. If you're a beginner or amateur, 5CVAS will take you in the right direction."

Janis Amorado, Project Admin


"I've been with 5CVAS since 2018, and I am so happy I heard about them. The management team is so positive, caring, and all of them have gone out of their way to help me. The company truly cares about my career and where I want to go. I always feel that I am valued here. I'm happy with the compensation and they were never late with the payouts. Experience all these at the convenience of your own home."

Leonard Len, Admin Assistant

"Great experience with 5C. Made my family and I survive in this pandemic in the comfort of my home. Great place to continue my VA career."

Jasmine Rae Santos-Baguio, Insurance Verifier


"Before, my normal day means 4 hours commute and on the phone for 8 hours. I get home exhausted everyday. This changed when I began working for them. Gone are the days of traffic jams and irate customers. I have more time for myself and my love ones and I love working for my client. 5CVAS make sure that their clients and virtual assistants are well taken care of. You gotta' work for these guys!"

Arvin Anicete, Admin Assistant

"The pandemic has been very hard to most of us, especially with job hunting. But with 5CVAS, it's a different story. Jhon and Melissa never missed an opportunity to mold me as a Virtual Assistant in different fields of work and helped me find clients who are all very nice to me. I can barely see the next months with a light before I met 5CVAS, but now, this company has brought back the grit that I've been trying to rekindle for a long time. Forever grateful for 5CVAS!"

Justine Canales, Social Media Marketing Manager


"5C Virtual Assistant Services was eager to help me find clients even though I am still a newbie to freelancing. I appreciate their efforts and advices. Thank you for giving me a chance in this field!"

Bianca Secondes Galero, Admin Assistant

"Very professional and kind, from owners to clients."

Marga, Admin Assistant


"5C Virtual Assistant Services provides a wide array of virtual support to many clients. Administrators also are very supportive and considerate to their virtual assistants. You wouldn't feel you are working alone at home because they are very hands-on and always ready for support just in case I need their assistance."

Liza Rosanes Cabangis, Admin Assistant


"Great place to work, I myself could testify to that. Thank you for all your hard work! And for believing that we can do ever task that was given. #saluteto5C."

Teo Visio, Cold Caller

dm gellica_edited.jpg

"The management team is the best and very approachable!"

DM Gellica, Admin Assistant

"The team is transparent and will guide you all the way!"

Bianka Nazare D. Gasataya, Admin Assistant


"Melissa and Jhon are the BEST! Very supportive and kind. I'm glad I found them!"

Rochelle Laraya, Admin Assistant

"5C Virtual Assistant Services is the BEST among the rest. I am grateful to be a part of this growing business."

Josefh Delos Reyes, Admin Assistant